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About Us

We’re Louise & Sean (‘Louisean’ is a fusion of both of our names) – an Irish couple that like to bake and share the interesting and/or scrumptious results…

About Louise

​Louise is a Galwegian who dishes out medical care to the people of Ireland (she’s a hospital doctor). Fortunately for Sean, she’s as competent in the kitchen as she is helping sick people which means he’s the benefactor of some delicious louisean creations! Her favourite food is Indian, Thai and anything sweet. Unlike Sean, she likes her seafood and she’s also fond of more traditional Irish dishes such as shepherds pie and lamb.

About Sean

In Sean, Louise found someone with almost as sweet a tooth as her and the Sean in Louisean. He’s always looking for inspiration for new dishes/treats and researching new culinary skills to perfect. His methodological mind and his attention to detail keep Louise on track in the kitchen. Sean also brings his technical know-how to the blog (he’s a web developer by day) and has quite the eye for a good food pic. Without these, lots of food would still have been made and eaten but this blog would never have come to fruition.